Commercial Vehicle Truck Washing Job

£13 - £15 Per Hour KPIs attached to this position with overtime and bonus infrastructure on productivity Full Time
Commercial Vehicle Truck Washing
  • Operations
  • HCL Recruitment
  • HCL House, Beddington Farm Road, Croydon, CR0 4XB

Over the 22 years of Hydro Cleansing's incorporation, HCL has always been proud of the condition and the standard of any of the vehicles that are on the public highway at any one time; the outside of the vehicle has to be cleaned every day, the cabs are cleaned washed and maintained by the allotted individual that is awarded the position of vehicle washer/commercial valet.

The vehicles are maintained inside and out, cleaning the underside on a 360-day basis to ensure that the vehicles are always in pristine condition for the next customer and the next project.

Working with the Transport Department, encouraging new opportunities of customers the service and repair and valeting services being provided to the new oncoming third-party work outside of the Hydro Cleansing fleet of 60 vehicles. Exciting opportunities to become part of the Hydro Cleansing team that is forever growing.


With the introduction of HCL Fleet services and vehicle washing, and chassis steam cleaning, the opportunities of moving further with the company and progressing grows even further if you have the tenaciousness to grasp this position and make it your own there is an opportunity to grow your career in the valeting, bonus infrastructure, over time infrastructure KPIs for those that understand that the more vehicles you wash, the more you can earn.